• Honest Thief

    Release 2020-10-16

    Genres Drama, Crime, Action,

    Celebrity Liam Neeson |

    Director Mark Williams

    Duration 99 Min

    Star Rating


    As the title says, ‘Honest Thief’, the film showcases an honest bank robber. Tom Carter has decided to live life with honesty and dignity but things turns completely opposite when two agents of FBI betrayed him. His only plan was to just leave everything behind and start a new life with his love, Annie, the bubbly girl.


    You have definitely seen such films that are based on same story line. A man who is trying to be nice and loyal plus loyal to everyone after falling in love. But the world doesn’t want them to be nice and dragging them down into the dark world they are trying to get out.


    Since the Corona pandemic is there and lockdown is slowing being unlocked, please don’t forget to wear a mask and follow the social distancing norms. And watch Honest Thief in theater near you or if it gets releases on OTT platform, watch online.  


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