• Doctor Strange

    Release 2016-10-28

    Genres Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Chiwetel Ejiofor | Benedict Cumberbatch | Rachel McAdams |

    Director Scott Derrickson

    Duration 115 min

    Star Rating


    There are avengers to protect the earth from imminent physical dangers. There are other people who are in charge of the mystical threats. Their head is called the ancient one who lives in Nepal, India. Dr.Strange is an expert neurosurgeon who lost the control of his hand in an accident. Everyone told he couldn’t recover his hands. But he spent all his fortune trying to regain control of his hands by experimental methods which were in vain. Finally, he meets someone who had earlier visited him who had healed a similar problem. He travels to Nepal and studies all the mystical secrets from the ancient one. In the end, he gets a chance to save the earth.


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