Preview of Doctor Sleep in advance, are you excited?


Dan Torence had suffered a huge trauma at Overlook Hotel when he was a child. Even after 40 years of this incident, deeply intoxicated with alcohol and violence, he is fighting for solace to revive himself. But, his peace gets shattered when he accidentally encounters Abra, who shares similar extrasensory powers just like Dan. Abra identifies Dan and asks for help against a cult known as The True Knot, who mercilessly prey on the shine (powers) of innocents to seek immortality. Dan and Abra form an alliance in a dog eat dog battle with The True Knots. The teenager’s fearlessness forces Dan to call his own spectacular powers never called before. He, then, reignites own demons and fights a ferocious battle for Abra’a soul and survival.

Are you excited to watch Doctor Sleep in theater on 8 November 2019? Have you marked your calendar yet? I suggest you better not to miss on this film as this is going to be amazing story of the year and you would love to see picture with your best buddies while getting scared in between throughout the film

Would you like to mention the last horror film that you saw? Was it Child's Play or Crawl?

I lastly watched A Quite Place BTW!