• West Side Story

    Release 2020-12-08

    Genres Drama, Musical, Crime,

    Celebrity Ansel Elgort | Corey Stoll |

    Director Steven Spielberg

    Duration 86 Min

    Star Rating


    Music in romance, how great is that? We've already witnessed many films which comprises of Romance and Music together. In 60's and 70's this was practised widely in film industries as it was a pleasure for the audience to watch.

    The same enthusiasm and feel is being brought by one the greatest director of film industry in the world by his film "West Side Story". It is basically an upcoming romantic musical drama. It's a remake of one of the most loved movie in 1961 of the same name. The story is about a couple of Tony and Maria. But because of their gangster background and long rivalries between both the families it was nearly impossible for both to be together. In spite of  the fact that trying to resolve between the two families could cost them their lives, Maria sends Tony to end the fight. Does Tony successfully convince both the family to shake hands? Or it becomes more worst? The story unfolds soon.

    Love has never been simple. To find a true love is always difficult and to make the true love survive is somewhere near impossible. But it can be pulled off too.


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