• Yellow Rose

    Release 2020-10-09

    Genres Drama, Musical,


    Director Diane Paragas

    Duration 94 Min

    Star Rating


    Rose, a struggling young Filipina singer who dreams to be a celebrated country music artist, she is just 17, decides to leave her tiny Texas town to fly out as she wants to continue her country music dreams. Her dreams get affected when her mother couldn’t make it through Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    In such situation, Rose feel the pressure to escape while her mother, who is her only family. Leaving her behind, Rosy gets on a new journey to self-exploration. She needs to find a new home soon in Austin, Texas and live her dream before she dies.

    It will be interesting to see the struggle of a Filipina girl on the big screen as no film we have seen with such subject. Let’s go to theatre near you and watch the wonderful musical film, Yellow Rose. Please wear mask and follow the social distancing norms.  


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