• Monsters, Inc.

    Release 2020-11-02

    Genres Comedy, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Billy Crystal | John Goodman |

    Director Pete Docter, David Silverman

    Duration 92 Min

    Star Rating


    Monstropolis, a centers with full of monsters where there is no human existence based in called Monsters, Inc. The monsters in the center needs to provide electricity to the city and they required children for that.  They specifically need to children to scream to provide power to city and children could be deadly to the monsters. After they find one child and the child get through the power process, 2 of the monsters come to know about the consequence they didn’t expect before. This is going to be as crazy as you have not seen this year, this film is going to make laugh throughout the film. Let’s watch the beautiful film called, Monsters, Inc.

    Since the Corona pandemic has hit everyone and everything so hard, please be careful when you go out to theater and watch a film. Wear mask and follow the social distancing norms.  


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