• Spell

    Release 2020-10-30

    Genres Thriller, Horror,

    Celebrity Loretta Devine |

    Director Mark Tonderai

    Duration 91 Min

    Star Rating


    Omari Hardwick decide to go for his father’s last ritual aka funeral in the cultural region in the Eastern United States when a strong storm hit their plan and he long with his family get in trouble, soon the plane got out of control. When he gets conscious, he finds himself in hurt and kidnapped to a lady name, Ms. Eloise. She ensured him to heal him with some ritual which required his blood and flash to build something and then heal him. Within no time, he suspects the hidden things which she is planning on him and his family on the blood moon day. He must take action before she performs her rituals on his family.


    Will he be succeeded in rescuing his family and himself even? To know the full story, you need to go to the theatre and watch the film, Spell.


    Please don’t forget to wear a mask and follow the social distancing to fight against Covid-19.  


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